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1. What's your opinion about working in the project?
It was very important to us as future industrial engineers working on this project because we raised awareness about environmental issues and think well: what can we do to create awareness of our environment and prevent further deterioration of the situation?

2. Could you work well as a team? were you a good team member?
I could work well in teams, I like to integrate, collaborate with colleagues and give everything I can to the team.

3. What was your project about?
Our project was created to raise awareness in the industries that are major polluters in the world and trying to do to cut costs in production.

4. Was it easy for you to find information about it?
No, it was not so easy to find all the necessary information.

5. What were some of the resources you and your team used to work on this project?
Most of the location information over the Internet and through interviews with acquaintances who work in the companies mentioned in our project.

6. What was your role in the team?
My role in the team was the secretary / spokeperson work and everything I could.

7. Working with the wiki...how was it?
Working with the wiki was not so simple at first but was very rewarding when we managed to upload our files.

8. What about the resources posted in the blog? were they useful?
The resources provided on the blog, we were a great help to develop the assigned tasks.

9. What are some recommendations you will give to improve working in a project?
Require that each court in each group delivered a small advance of the work done for the project, because in this way for greater understanding of each step involved in the project and also in terms of technological tools to use.

Less waste, less cost ...

We can do it!The impact that industries have on our environment, we must note the use that they confer to the natural’s resources. Every day more and more resources are taken from our environment and it’s deteriorating our planet. Today we want to make a call of conscience, with the intention of giving rise to the importance of recycling. This project wants to make a footprint in the industry, we need an alert, because it is vital to take care of our planet, it’s the only one we have. Reduce costs is to reuse resources. Cost is a Green Planet Green.

The Problem

The problem is the depletion of resources; this creates a huge impact on the ecosystem. Companies show daily waste and the Recycling is minimal. Production costs are high, reuse of materials is a benefit for the company and the planet, as well during the manufacturing waste is highly polluting and difficult to remove.

Some well known companies such as Polar, which recycle within it, but most do not contribute anything to the environment. Companies like CEMEX, also no recycling has an impact of pollution as well grow disease for it. Every company should recycle and help preserve the environment.


The objective of our project is to make a better world, which not only benefits one, benefits all, because we are part of the same planet and it is time to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We took two companies Polar and Cemex, where we saw the effects that doing to the environment. Each company can do something for our planet. We take Green Cost, because it is an important point in our career, and future industrial engineers and we know the effect of costs in production. We hope to create in us and in our colleagues conscience of this true green.

Engineering Solution

If every company put their bit by recycling, will certainly help the environment, as well as their production costs go down, every company must perform an action of environmental care. Recycling of resources represents a reuse of the beautiful environment we have and we must not stop. The environment gives us; we will also give to him.
The destruction of the environment an issue of general effects, we most take generals actions.

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Name E-mail School in Urbe Role in the Team

Karin Álvarez karincris126@gmail.com Industrial Leader/

Engineering Technology

Dianella Gómez dianellagomez@gmail.com Industrial Secretary/

Engineering Spokeperson

Sarai González gsarah.v@gmail.com Industrial Technology


SusanaPascal susie.pascal@gmail.com Industrial Administrator


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Dianella A. Gómez D.

1501 Chapman Oak Ct. Kissimmee. FL 34747. Phone: +58-261-7545531, Mobile: +58-414-6310077,e-mail: dianellagomez@gmail.com

Industrial Engineer, Specialized on Safety, Health and Environment. Eight years of experience in the field. Kawi Constructions.

OBJECTIVE: Seeking an Engineering position where my experience and knowledge can be utilized and further developed fully.



1. Basic package of office.

2. Technician in Industrial Safety.

3. Technical Environment Protection.



1. Great with effectivity interpersonal skills and organizational abilities.

2. Strong, coordinating, planning and problem solving abilities.

3. Ability to work under pressure in, time-sensitive, fast-paced environments.

4. Experienced at streamlining systems and operations to enhance productivity.

5. Uncanny ability to handle projects from planning through to execution.



Kawi Constructions

2000 - 2008

Industrial Engineer

1. Designed and implemented effective production processes.

2. Responsible for increasing productivity through combined work steps, removing non-value added tasks, adding automation and the development of effective work practices.

3. Monitored equipment downtime and implemented corrective action procedures.

4. Developed a set of guidelines to reduce costs in the division through value improvement programs.

5. Effective design and implementation of production processes.

6. Developing a set of guidelines to reduce costs in the division of value through improvement programs.



Universidad Rafael Belloso Cachín

Maracaibo - Edo. Zulia.

BS in Industrial Engineering



Hobbies include dancing, learning new languages and traveling.

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Final Project "Green Cost"

Final Project "Green Cost"


-Dianella Gómez (Marketing and Desing)
-Sarai Gonzalez (Explain the project)
-Susana Pascal (Glider)
-Karin Alvarez (Research)